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Embrace the new phase in the payment evolution.

Meridian Bank Apple Pay and Android Pay

Paying has evolved to a faster, easier, more secure way with Apple Pay and Android Pay. No more digging your card out of your wallet. You can simply use your iPhone (version 6 or greater) or Android phone to make a purchase at thousands of your favorite stores and online shopping sites. With a little help from your opposable thumb, your purchase is made and you are on your way.   

iPhone users

Two steps to add your Meridian Bank debit card to Apple Pay:         

  1. Go to the Wallet app on your iPhone and load your debit card
  2. Follow the verification steps

Once your card is verified, paying is as simple as holding your iPhone over the card reader and placing your finger on the Touch ID button. Done.

Android users

Two steps to add your Meridian Bank debit card to Android Pay:

  1. Go to Google Play on your Android device and download Android Pay
  2. Follow the steps to load your debit card

Now you’re ready to make purchases! In stores, all you need to do is hold your unlocked phone to the terminal. Easy as that.