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It's a dangerous world out there, with lots of bad guys scheming to take your money with ever more creative ploys. Let Meridian help you.

Your Meridian Debit or ATM Card is protected with round-the-clock fraud prevention monitoring. Plus, you can have the added protection of free optional text alerts.

Here's how they work.

Debit and ATM Card Fraud Monitoring

Meridian's Fraud Prevention Center (FPC) automatically monitors your debit and ATM card transactions 24/7 to identify potential fraud. When a suspicious transaction is detected, the Fraud Prevention Center will attempt to contact you by email, text and phone. The email will arrive first. One minute later a text message will be sent from 32874. The email and text alert request a response of "fraud" or "no fraud." If there is no response, you will receive a phone call. (Remember, you will never be asked for your PIN or account number.) Your card will be disabled until you can confirm the transaction in question. The Fraud Prevention Center can be reached at 800-417-4592.

Meridian smsGuardian™ Text Alerts (Optional)

When you use your Meridian Debit Card to make a purchase or an ATM transaction that meets the established monitoring criteria, you will receive a text alert with a brief description of the transaction details.

  • If you made the purchase or transaction, you don't have to do anything.
  • If you believe the purchase or transaction is fraudulent, reply immediately with the code provided in the text message and your card will be disabled pending further investigation.
  • After enrolling you'll receive a text alert any time your debit card or ATM activity meets any of the following transaction criteria:
    • International transactions
    • Fuel purchases
    • Authorizations greater than $100
    • Four or more transactions in a 24-hour period
    • Card Not Physically Present (Internet, phone or mail purchases)
    • Out-of-State transactions

Meridian offers OnGuard and text alerts for FREE.

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Meridian OnGuard Services Q&A

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