Meridian Treasury Management

An enhanced business digital banking platform.

Treasury Management, accessible from a desktop or mobile device, is specifically designed with advanced payment functionality and provides a quick view of key information, such as account history, transaction history and notifications.

The Treasury Management Dashboard

Advanced Payment Features

 Easily manage day-to-day cash flow.

ACH, Wires, Bill Pay, Transfers, Positive Pay.

Customized Reporting Filters

Save time by providing the ability to create customized reports that can be saved and flagged as favorites for future use.

Enhanced Security Measures

Includes Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for payments that are considered higher risk, and institutes administrative controls to allow multiple users with custom entitlements.

The Treasury Management Mobile App

The Treasury Management mobile app will provide detailed information on any pending requests needed for approval, including ACH, Wires and Positive Pay, clearly displaying the information needed to give an overall better user experience.

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Multi Account Transfers

  • One to Many: Transfer from one account to two or more other accounts
  • Many to One: Transfer to an account from two or more other accounts
  • Users can create templates to quickly initiate frequently submitted transfers

Payments Pending Approvals

  • A view that shows only the payments a user can approve or that are pending approval. Users can review payment details by selecting the Transaction ID. Once ready, they will check the box, select approve or reject and then confirm.

Favorite Reports

  • Once a user flags a report as a favorite, the Favorite Reports widget will update to include it. The user can select Run Report to generate a report and once the report has generated, a user can access the fly out menu to filter results.

Customizable Dashboard

  • Users can customize their dashboard experience by selecting Configure Dashboard. Widgets can be resized, rearranged, added or deleted.

As an additional layer of security to help protect your account information, 2FA will be required anytime you access the platform. If you are not enrolled with a Symantec token, you will be prompted to receive a code via a phone call or text message. All users with ACH and Wire origination capabilities will also be required to use this authentication process during selected actions.

Upon initial login, two account groups appear by default. No accounts appear until you assign accounts to those groups by selecting Manage Groups. You can also edit group names and add or remove groups.

Send a secure message in the platform by selecting Message Center and typing your message. A Treasury Management Specialist will get back to you.

From the Treasury Management dashboard, select Cut Off times for Wires, ACH and Transfers.

Treasury Management supports the most recent release and the last-released versions of the following browsers: Microsoft Edge™, Google Chrome™, Mozilla® Firefox®, and Apple® Safari®

Yes, once logged into the Treasury Management platform, comprehensive guides are available from the Resource Center to assist with navigating the platform.