Meridian Treasury Management

An enhanced business digital banking platform.

Treasury Management, accessible from a desktop or mobile device, is specifically designed with advanced payment functionality and provides a quick view of key information, such as account history, transaction history and notifications.

The Treasury Management Dashboard

Advanced Payment Features

 Easily manage day-to-day cash flow.

ACH, Wires, Bill Pay, Transfers, Positive Pay.

Customized Reporting Filters

Save time by providing the ability to create customized reports that can be saved and flagged as favorites for future use.

Enhanced Security Measures

Includes Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for payments that are considered higher risk, and institutes administrative controls to allow multiple users with custom entitlements.

The Treasury Management Mobile App

The new Treasury Management mobile app will provide detailed information on any pending requests needed for approval, including ACH, Wires, and Positive Pay, clearly displaying the information needed, giving an overall better user experience.

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