Cash Management

Philadelphia, PA

Built for business.

Run your business more efficiently with our cash management products and services. Choose the options that make sense for your business.

Meridian Bank iPosit Deposit

Save time and money by making your business deposits right from your desk. The Meridian iPosit™ Check Scanner puts the power and convenience of a secure, online, remote deposit system right in your office.

Meridian Online Banking

Meridian’s online banking system gives you the flexibility to monitor your banking activity 24 hours a day. Whether you have a large or small business, our Online Banking can benefit you.

  • Available 24 hours a day
  • View current and previous day balances
  • Review transactions and view paid check images
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Enter and view Stop Payments
  • Review and print statements
  • Initiate and approve wire and ACH payments
  • Manage online user accounts and set personalized activity alerts

Online Wire Processing

Send wire transfers quickly and conveniently using the online banking wire feature to process both domestic and international wire transfers.

For more information, please email or call 484.395.2061

Meridian Sweep Accounts

Choose one of our automated sweep options to reduce reconciliation time and increase operating efficiency, all while optimizing your return.

Combined Account Analysis

Reduce or even eliminate monthly service charges by combining the balances and activity in various accounts. This service allows your business to use the balance in one account to compensate for the activity in another.

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Stop buying checks and stamps.  Let a Meridian representative show you how ACH electronic payments can save your business valuable time and money.

  • Better predictability of payments for cash flow forecasting
  • Significantly reduce AP/AR costs
  • Upload system generated payment files from your accounting software

Positive Pay

  • Checks: Enhance your protection against check fraud by using Positive Pay, a service that matches your approved checks against the checks presented to Meridian Bank to be paid. This fraud detection tool compares the account number, check number, and dollar amount to the checks you’ve issued. Any suspicious checks are reported to you before they are paid.
  • ACH Positive Pay allows you to control debits and credits posting to your account to help guard against unauthorized electronic activity.

ACH Debit Block

ACH Debit Block automatically filters out unrecognized debit attempts and only allows debits from whom you have authorized.

Account Benefits

Online Bill Pay

Never miss another bill payment.

Meridian Online Bill Pay allows you to easily pay bills and set up recurring payments online.

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Embrace the new phase in the payment evolution.

Paying has evolved to a faster, easier, more secure way with Apple Pay and Google Pay. No more digging your card out of your wallet.