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Run your business more efficiently with cash management tools and high-touch service tailored to your needs.

Account Management

Managing your money starts with the right account. Meridian has accounts to fit every need: large corporate, mid-size business, sole proprietor, non-profit. Whatever your size, we have an account for you.

Free Business Checking

  • No monthly service charge.
  • No minimum balance requirement.
  • 1,000 free transactions/.40 per item over 1,000.

Analysis Checking

  • Account balances generate earnings credits to offset fees for high account activity and cash management services.
  • Reduce or even eliminate monthly service charges by combining balances and activity in various accounts.
  • Use the balance in one account to compensate for the activity in another.

Business Interest Checking

(Non-Profits & Sole Proprietors)

  • Minimum balance requirement of $1,500 to waive $8 monthly fee.
  • Entire balance is eligible to earn interest.

Business Money Market Accounts

  • Receive all of the benefits of a checking account with the reward of higher interest rates.
  • Minimum balance requirements and account restrictions apply.

Escrow Accounts

  • Use our Digital Banking service to monitor accounts, activity and make deposits.

Meridian IOLTA

  • Available to attorneys to safeguard client funds.
  • Interest is paid to the state IOLTA Board on the attorney’s behalf.

Fraud Protection

Don’t be a victim of fraud. Proactively protect your business and accounts from losses.

Positive Pay

  • Protect against check/ACH fraud by comparing approved checks to ones presented to be paid.
  • Upload a list of checks you’ve issued. If a check presented doesn’t match the list, you’ll decide if you want to pay or return it.
  • Control debits and credits posting to the account to help guard against unauthorized electronic activity.

ACH Debit Block

  • Filter out unrecognized charges to prevent unauthorized electronic debits from hitting your account.
  • Tell us who can charge your account and for how much and we’ll block any unauthorized charges to your account.

Balance Management

Maximize the return on idle account balances. Don’t let the money sit there, have it work for you.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

  • Consolidate balances from multiple accounts into one concentration account.
  • Move excess funds to the master account through automatic transfers.
  • Typically used for payroll accounts and to help reduce overdrafts.

Investment Sweep

  • Excess balances are swept automatically out of the account and into our fully FDIC Insured Investment Sweep account.

Loan Sweep

  • Ensure you only borrow what you need, when you need it, with automatic transfers between your line of credit and checking account.
  • Excess balances are swept to pay down your line of credit.

Escrow Management

  • Generate interest on balances held for clients in Escrow accounts (e.g. security deposits for landlord).
  • Interest can be paid to you or your client.
  • We handle the record keeping to free up your time.

Digital Banking

Meridian’s digital banking services give you immediate access to your banking activity 24/7.

  • Manage your accounts when you want, and how you want, using our platform on your desktop or mobile device.
  • Have advanced payment functionality and the ability to view key account information on your desktop or mobile device.

Collection Services

Streamline your Accounts Receivable process to improve efficiency, free up resources and get money into your hands when you want it.

  • Deposit checks right from your desk with Meridian’s remote desktop scanner and secure online system.
  • Detailed deposit reporting available to help you manage your receivables.

Mobile Deposit

  • Use your smartphone to upload a picture of the front and back of a check and your deposit is made.

ACH Collections

  • Collect payments/receivables from your customers electronically; next day availability.
  • Control when you collect your receivables.
  • Streamline the billing process and protect both parties from fraud.
  • Next day funding available.
  • Leverage the latest technology for processing cards through any channel.

Disbursement Services

Simplify the payment process to reduce costs, manage expenses and take control of your outgoing money.

ACH Payments

  • Safe and secure electronic payment method.
  • Reduce AP/AR costs by saving time and money on paper check and mail expenses.
  • Enable better predictability of payments for cash flow forecasting with system generated payment files.

Bill Pay

  • Pay bills online from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Bills are sent electronically or by computer generated check.
  • Transfer funds domestically and internationally; same day availability.
  • Send wire transfers quickly and conveniently using Digital Banking.
  • For more information, please email or call 866.327.9199.

Online Wire Processing

Business Debit Cards

  • Fast, easy and secure method to make purchases.
  • Easily track card purchases/reporting.
  • Eliminate the need to issue checks or reimburse employees.

Credit Cards

No matter the size of your business, Meridian offers credit cards to fit your needs.

  • Mastercard® benefits.
  • Conveniently track business expenses.
  • Monitor business expenses with customizable reporting options.
  • Customize spending limits for individual employees.

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