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Banking with Meridian means you get the team that’s constantly working to improve our products and services to better meet your needs.

Digital Banking

For any type of banking you do, we have a host of tools to help you mange your money.

Lost or Stolen Meridian Bank Card?

Call us immediately at our 24-hour customer service number if your Meridian Bank card has been lost, stolen or compromised.

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Visa® Debit Card & Mobile Wallet

Your Meridian Debit Card gives you the access that you want with the added security that you need. Add it to your mobile wallet for even more convenience.

Open an Account

Our application process is designed to minimize delays and get your money working for you as quickly as possible.

Loan AutoPay

Have your Meridian loan payments automatically deducted from your Meridian deposit account.

Manage & Pay Mortgage

View loan details, make payments and view payment history, or get help with your loan.